Best Phlebotomy Bags Compared

Best Phlebotomy Bags Compared


Phlebotomy bags come in several types, some of which are designed for therapeutic phlebotomy. They may also come with and without needles, with or without additive solutions. What you use will depend on the procedure that must be performed.


Macopharma USA: Phlebotomy Bag

This collection bag is specifically designed for therapeutic phlebotomy. It is available either with a Luer lock, or a 16 gauge needle configuration. It also features a pre-connected vacuum tube adapter for pulling samples off the collection easily and conveniently. Volume markings ensure the correct the volume of blood is collected without the need for a weighing scale.

What makes the Macopharma USA: Phlebotomy Bag ideal is that it doesn't have outlet ports, eliminating the risk of accidental blood transfusion or transmission. It also has a shelf life of 5 years, which is 3 years more than the lifespan of the bags currently available on the market. 


Spirit Medical Bag for Phlebotomy with Needle

Apart from a needle, this sterile device is also equipped with a protector and a sampling system packed in a single overwrap. It has a capacity of graduated 600mL, and has a shelf life of 5 years in sealed packaging. This bag is mainly for blood collection, not transfusion. Use the steam sterilization method to sterilize the bag, while it is still in overwrap.


TERUFLEX® Dry Blood Bag

This blood bag comes with a 16 gauge ultra-thin wall donor needle. It has a capacity of 600mL per container. One case will contain 100 containers.

TERUFLEX® also carries a wide range of blood bag systems, some of which contain anticoagulant alone, and a combination of anticoagulant and additive solution. They also have transfer bags from a capacity of 150mL to 2000mL.


IMUFLEX WB-SP Blood Bag System with in-line Leukocyte

This bag is designed for the preparation of leukocytes reduced platelets, plasma and red blood cells from whole blood. It features a single in-line leukocyte reduction filter with diversion blood sampling arm, tube holder and pre-attached luer adapter. Its primary container can hold liquid for up to 500mL, while the satellite bag has a capacity of 400mL. There is also a platelet bag for component storage.


Macopharma Fluid Collection bag

This is the collection system you need when collecting peritoneal fluid or Pleural fluid. It is available in a single bag, double bag or one with a satellite/additional bag. The single bag comes with an additional luer-lock connection. 


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