Free CNA Practice Test 50 Questions

Free 25 Question CNA Practice Test



Welcome to your CNA Practice Test

1) When assisting a patient in and out of bed, the nurse aide should always
2) If a nursing assistant ONLY gave care to a resident in exchange for gifts, this would be an example of?
3) The best way to safely identify a patient is by
4) Which of the following organs are found in the lymphatic systems?
5) One of an Nurse Assistant's responsibilities is to.
6) If a NA receives a complaint from a resident, the first person to report the complaint to is the:
7) Which body system is significantly different in men than in women?
8) Normal Hearing Loss in aging is usually related to the ability to hear
9) Which body system contains the pituitary, thyroid, and adrenal glands?
10) Which of the following organs are found in the integumentary system?
11) One of a NA's responsibilities at the nurse's station includes:
12) Which of the following is true?
13) The most serious problem that wrinkles in the bedclothes can cause is?
14) Which system allows us to see, hear, and smell?
15) Mrs. Johnson is experiencing pain in her muscles and joints. Which of her body systems is affected?
16) A NA should place the signal light in reach of a patient
17) Which body system controls and coordinates all body activities?
18) Which body system contains the ovaries and uterus?
19) The correct medical abbreviation for before meals is
20) Which of the following organs are found in the nervous system?
21) Which body system contains the liver, pancreas, and gall bladder?
22) Mrs. Smith is on a bladder and bowel training program. She has not had a bowel movement for three days. What should the nurse aide do?
23) Which body system is responsible for secreting the hormones that regulate body functions, including growth and development?
24) How often should a patient's intake and output records be totaled?
25) Which of the following is an observation to report regarding vital signs?


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