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Phlebotomy Gifts – Fun and Functional Phlebotomy Gifts


Looking for some great gift ideas for a phlebotomist? Some of the best gifts for phlebotomists are both functional and useful. There are many different gifts you can give to a phlebotomist or phlebotomy student. From phlebotomy bags, work supplies, even gag gifts like funny t-shits or coffee mugs. Here are some of our favorite phlebotomy gifts available online!


Excellent Phlebotomy Gift Ideas


Bags – Phlebotomy Bags are a great gift idea for any phlebotomist. They are both functional as well as fun as they can be customized with names and colors. Phlebotomists use bags to store equipment such as needles, tubes, tourniquets and other job related items.


Phlebotomy Bag

This Bag From CeilBlue is a great bag for phlebotomy. It has excellent compartments for all tubes, needles, and is large enough to carry pretty much anything a phlebotomist would need.







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Phlebotomy Carts – Phlebotomy Carts can be a bit expensive for some, but it is a very useful gift idea. Phlebotomists can use carts to store many different items necessary for the job. They can be on the pricey side but it is a gift that will be used for years down the road.

phlebotomy cart


This cart from TrippNT is an professional level phlebotomy cart and would make an excellent gift for any phlebotomist. It comes with an abundence of room for supplies and is double sided to provide easy access no matter where it sits in the room.






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Phlebotomy Glasses – Some phlebotomists choose to wear safety glasses when performing job duties. They come in many different shapes and sizes and you can get a great look on

phlebotomy glasses

This Excellent pair of saftey glasses from 3M provides exceptional eye protection and are extremely comfortable even when wearing for long periods. 





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Training Arms – Phlebotomy Training arms are an excellent gift for any phlebotomist. You can use them to practice blood draws and simulate the real anatomy of a human arm.

phlebotomy training arm

This FULL phlebotomy training kit sold by " The Apprentice Doctor" would be an excellent gift for any phlebotomist. It is very cost friendly between $50.00 and 70.00$ you get a full phlebotomy test kit with everything pictured included. 




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Keychains – A Keychain is a great simple gift idea for a phlebotomist. They can be customized in many different ways. They are inexpensive, which will not break the bank if you are looking for a small gift and there are some great options online as well.

phlebotomy keychain


This simple keychain would be an excellent gift for any phlebotomist. It is durable and very budget friendly at around $5-10 dollars.







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Watches – Phlebotomy watches are not as common, but it is a gift that any phlebotomist would be sure to love.

phlebotomy chick watch

This cute 'phlebotomy chick' watch is great for you lady phlebotomists out there. 









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Vein Finder – For any phlebotomist a modern vein finder can be a life saver. It is a device that is placed over the patients arm and shows you exactly where the veins run. This can drastically improve the percentage of sticks that find veins for blood draw.

phlebotomy vein finder

This professional Vein Finder from VeinLite is a top rated consumer product and can be used on both adults and children. It is a 'must have' for any phlebotomist who has trouble finding veins or just wants a more visual guide to blood drawing.







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T-Shits – T-shirts are always a popular gift choice. A phlebotomist has to wear clothes too right? All kidding aside there are always an abundance of phlebotomy shirts and hoodies on the market as there is always one that will fit the phlebotomists in your life.


phlebotomist_tee2phlebotomy shirt 3phlebotomy shirt1You can view these and many more from available on





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