Phlebotomy Jokes – Humor for Phlebotomists

Phlebotomy Jokes – Humor for Phlebotomists


Looking for some phlebotomy humor to pass time time and have a little laugh?  Working In phlebotomy can be stressful, so hopefully these silly jokes can help put a smile on your face.


Great Modern Phlebotomy Jokes


  1.  phlebotomy – Where people saying “ are you in yet” and “ I didn’t feel a thing” is a good thing.


  1. You know you are a phlebotomist when you recognize their Median Antecubital Vein rather than their face.


  1. Don’t mess with me! I get paid to stab people with sharp objects


  1. In Phlebotomy ‘day shift’ means middle of the night


  1. No, I’m a phlebotomist, our blood suckers work in the billing department


  1. If Phlebotomy were easy, nurses could do it


  1. I wanted to be a phlebotomist, but I found the work to draining.


  1. I became a phlebotomist because my therapist told me I should find an outlet for my sociopathic tendencies


  1. I was reminded my blood type is ‘Be Positive’


  1. Two vampires walked into a bar and called for the bartender.

    "I'll have a glass of blood," said one.

    "I'll have a glass of plasma," said the other.

    "Okay," replied the bartender, "That'll be one blood and one blood lite."



Those were all the phlebotomy jokes we could muster. Do you have more? Or come up with one yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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