Phlebotomy Practice Quiz: 25 Questions




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1) If the needle passes completely through the vein you must pull it out of the arm and try another vein.
2) What is the preferred antiseptic for venipuncture?
3) Blood cultures are collected in a __________ tube.
4) Sodium Citrate is the additive in which tube?

5) Contact, droplet and airborne are ______________.
6) Permanent surgical connection between an artery and a vein?
7) Which tube would you use to measure lactic acid ?
8) What tube is used for ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate?
9) What is a condition that could cause leukopenia (low white blood cell count)?
10) When someone is in shock you should keep them cool.
11) Tiny red spots on the skin cause from the rupturing of capillaries are called?
12) The OGTT (oral Glucose Tolerance test or GTT test diagnoses _____________
13) How many times should a light-blue tube be inverted?
14) What special handling does a cold agglutinins test require ?
15) Which tube is used for a sickle cell (anemia) screen?
16) How many inches above the site should be the tourniquet be tied?
17) In therapeutic blood monitoring, the trough levels are tested ___________
18) Where is the blood collected, stored, and prepared for transfusions?
19) arteries and arterioles carry oxygenated blood?
20) Lavender tubes must be 2/3 full.
21) An open wound can be a portal of entry in an infection chain.
22) A person should sustain from eating for how many hours prior to a fasting blood test?
23) What is the recommended depth of a heel puncture on an infant?
24) What part of the infant is a PKU test performed on ?
25) Always recap your needle before putting it into the sharps container.

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